Moonlight Dinner 80g

Product information:
Moonlight dinner meat meal is made without chemicals, aroma or flavors. To preserve full with shelf life of three years, the food, in which the cans are heated with capacity 35 minutes on 120 °. Characterized any microorganisms, bacteria and fungi are killed. The main components of Moonlight dinner meat meal chicken are, of authorized manufacturing companies, this is still fresh - and tuna, which comes frozen from the fishing boats.
The production company and the cat food are in the country of manufacture and by the European Union constantly monitored. In addition, the manufacturer needs a permit to deliver at all in the EU. The last check will take place during import by the German Veterenärbehörde.

Moonlight dinner with its very high meat-fish share a supplementary feed (meat meal). To the cat to offer a balanced meal, should the Moonlight dinner meat meal Add 80g more plant food. This is most easily reached by the Beifüttern of dry cat food.

Feeding recommendation:
For an adult cat of about 5-6 kg, we recommend 2 doses Moonlight dinner á 80g, 30g plus dry feed per day. This Feeding is an average value for a held in the house cat with little exercise, one has to watch over the weight control. To get the right amount of feed for your cat to the breeder or your vet recommends asking.
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